Kathmandu Sunny Hotel dully abides by the following terms and conditions. Therefore, our customers are requested to read all the below mentioned terms and conditions of our hotel before booking any of our available rooms. The words such as “we”, “us”, “our” and “The company” which will be mentioned below refer to Kathmandu Sunny Hotel. Similarly, the words such as “you”, “your”, “guest”, “the client” & “the customer” will refer to the person or individual making the booking with us. Furthermore, please do not proceed further unless you understand and agree with our terms and conditions.

Do read our Terms and Conditions before proceeding ahead with your booking:


To book any available rooms within the property of the Kathmandu Sunny Hotel, we require our customers to fill up our online booking form. Or you can simply call us via telephone. Besides that, bookings can be made by direct in person meetings. So, first and foremost we have to receive the booking form along with the identity (name, age, nationality etc.…) of the customer.

However, we cannot accept the booking with just the booking form. To fully accept your booking, we have to receive an advance 20% fee amount of the total cost. Only after receiving and analyzing the booking form with the advance payment will we be able to confirm your booking. As soon as we confirm your booking, a notice will be sent to you immediately on your personal email address.  

In addition to that, we further instruct our customers to fill up the booking form properly with accurate and correct information. If the guest were to make a mistake by submitting wrong information on the booking form, then in that event, we will not be able to accept or evaluate the booking form. Specially details such as check in & check out dates, contact number, number of people, name, nationality and type of room must be addressed without any mistake. Last of all, if our clients do not receive the confirmation of their booking from us within 24 hours of making the booking. Then, we advise you to contact us and learn about the issue with your booking.


Our guests can make payments for our available rooms by various ways. You can take a look down below to find out the means of payment used by us:

We accept the payments of our booked rooms through several international credit cards such as, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover Network.

If you prefer, you can even wire us or transfer the payment amount to our bank account. Our bank details are given below:

Cancellation Policy

In accordance to our cancellation policy, our guests have the right to cancel their bookings with us. But while doing so, somethings such as time & date of cancellation and reason for doing so must be provided to us in a written form a letter to our administration. Likewise, our guests must understand that Kathmandu Sunny Hotel cannot accept any cancellation made before 3 full days of their initial check in time. Besides that, if our guests are somehow unable to show up the hotel property at the check in day and time. Then, the hotel administration will be forced to make a drastic decision of cancelling the booking officially. Therefore, we highly request our guests to inform us about any of the changes or cancellation.

Also, our guests must behave in a cordial manner and must never cause any form disturbance which might hamper other guests or the hotel staffs. If found doing so, then the hotel administration is fully authorized to cancel the stay of the individual guest right at that moment, without any reimbursements.

Room Fees

The price or the cost of staying in any room of Kathmandu Sunny Hotel is made known to public online through our official website of http://www.kathmandusunnyhotel.com/. Aside that, we also have the right and administrative power to change/alter the price of our rooms as per the decision of the hotel management.

Complaints and issues

Even though, we at Kathmandu Sunny Hotel try our utmost to make sure every need and desire of our guests are fulfilled. Our guests may have some complaints and issues which are hampering their stay with us. In those events, we advise our guests to bring their appropriate complaints and issues to us without any hesitations. Upon receiving such complaints and issues, the hotel management shall make fitting decisions to solve their issue.

Update and change of Terms & Conditions

Just like any other hotel, our terms and conditions too are subject to change. Kathmandu Sunny Hotel retains all the rights to change, alter, modify or update their terms and conditions without providing any information about the changes to the guests. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep being up to date with the latest terms and conditions of our hotel by visiting our official website.