Posted on 20th Jan 2017

No one can ever forget the instant feeling of landing in the bustling, lively touristic hub of Kathmandu, Nepal. Every inch and corner of the so-called capital city is filled with an ever-rising fascination for foreigners who usually tend to get lost within the hectic diversity of Nepalese people. Hence, it won’t be much surprising if tourists feel nauseated with excitement as they take your first steps into the city. After all, who can neglect the allure of the majestic Himalayas, intense cultural and historical presence, awe-inspiring trekking trails and outlandish generosity of the local communities.

I can go on and on to tell you all the reasons to visit Nepal for your next holiday. However, that’s a topic for some other blogs which I will be posting later in the coming days. Now getting back to our original topic, I would like to lay out and mention some of the critical and imperative reasons on why you should stay at ‘Kathmandu Sunny Hotel’. Previously I talked about you landing in Kathmandu and after having reached here, you would presumably like to reach Thamel area – a major, central touristic part of Kathmandu where you can find several bars, cafes, restaurants and shops that fetch out to foreigners like you.

First and foremost, upon reaching Thamel either via Taxi/Bus, you must make an immediate decision to choose a right hotel for your overnight stay. No matter what you initially presume, a hotel of your choice must offer all the right amenities in an affordable price rate. And that’s what precisely what Kathmandu Sunny Hotel presents to its valued customers. We focus highly on providing a place of homage for all sorts of travelers at a very affordable and convenient monetary value. By staying with us, you can assure yourself that, a rightly deserved hospitality services will be offered to you and your friends, no matter the nationality or race which you belong from.

Secondly, our location is also huge factor for you to stay with us as the entire hotel property itself is located at Paknajol height which is near to the central area of Thamel. The location itself makes the Kathmandu Sunny Hotel a rather special place to stay during your holidays. Travelers can expect to get a quaint environment where they can escape the chaos and noise of the hectic Kathmandu city. Furthermore, the entire hotel is architecturally earthquake resistance which allows it to withstand the natural disasters like high magnitude earthquakes. Also, the environment is very family friendly which becomes better by the presence of our experienced hotel staffs.

In addition to all of that, our guest can also expect to have delightfully designed elegant rooms that are intended to make feel at home. We also grant our guests with an airport shuttle services in the case if they need us to pick them up at the airport terminal after their arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). Furthermore, we also have Free Wi-Fi in all of our rooms so that guests can always stay connected with their friends and families back home. And if you wish to have some much needed hot/cold showers then we have that covered as well. Next, we also have an indoor restaurant where our guests can enjoy various mount watering dishes made by a highly qualified cook professional. So, make sure to have your appetite with you while staying with us.

As you can see, there’s a lot of things awaiting your arrival at the Kathmandu Sunny Hotel. Simply give us a call, or mail us for any kind of inquiries related to booking and we shall gladly assist you!

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