Posted on 20th Jan 2017

Tourism is a very big part of Nepal. It is essential for the overall development of the country as the economy of Nepal highly depends upon foreign tourists who come to visit Nepal. The foreign currency which comes by the inflow of tourists and travelers that spend money by going on a tour/trekking eventually leads to the development of the entire nation.

For travelers who have never been to Nepal, Kathmandu will be one of their favorite places as they get to experience the Nepalese diversity, culture, people and lifestyle closely without the need of traveling faraway. And if you are one of those travelers who have yet to visit Kathmandu but are planning to come to Nepal, then you will surely find yourself in the streets of Thamel as major travel/tour operators, hotels, cafes, bars and markets are located there.

And if you want to know about some of the few touristic places near Thamel that worth visiting then here’s a list to have a look at:

  • Swayambhunath Stupa

One of the most iconic yet close by touristic places near Thamel is the stunning Swayambhunath Stupa. It is located atop a small hill near Thamel that can be reached by walking. However, you can hire a taxi/cab to get there. Once you reach the base of Swayambhunath, you will have to start walking up through numerous steps to reach the top. Upon reaching the top, you will get to see the entire Kathmandu valley. You can see numerous temples, stupas and people worshipping there. In addition to that, you can expect to see a lot of monkeys so be ready for them.

  • Boudhanath Stupa

Located just 10 km away from the Thamel area, Boudhanath Stupa is one of the famous touristic site of Kathmandu which has also been enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Boudhanath is even said to be one of the largest Buddhist stupa in the world which mesmerizes everyone with its ever-present eyes of Buddha. Travelers can see prayer flags fluttering above the stupa while people stroll around the stupa. You can even hear lamas chanting Buddhist prayer mantras. Not just that but if you wish to buy some ornaments, jewelries, paintings, carpets and bracelets then there are numerous shops that are open just for that.   

  • Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple area is one of the most revered sites for Hindu believers. And it is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that is a must visit place in Kathmandu. People who love taking vivid photographs might just fall in love with the entire place. Here lies the holy Pashupatinath temple along the river bank of Bagmati river. You can find Jogi/hermits meditating around here while people pray to the Hindu God - Lord Shiva. Besides that, Pashupatinath is also a historically important place as it is estimated to be thousands of years old. So, you should defiantly visit this place if you are staying in Thamel area or any other place near to it.

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